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dead on target

1. Precisely aimed, as of a shot or throw. His shot was dead on target from nearly midfield, placed perfectly in the corner of the goal. That pitcher has been throwing dead on target all game, striking out nearly every batter.
2. Exactly correct or to the intended point. I think her speech was dead on target about what this country needs to prioritize for the future.
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Target run

A shopping trip to the department store Target. A: "How does every Target run end up costing me at least $50?" B: "Because you say you're only getting milk and paper towels, and then you come home with 12 other things."
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on target

on schedule; exactly as predicted. Your estimate of the cost was right on target. My prediction was not on target.
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target someone or something as something

to aim at someone or something as something; to choose someone or something as someone or something. The board targeted Alice as a potential candidate. We targeted the first of August as the starting date.
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(right) on target

correct or accurate Many of Mr. Bryant's criticisms were on target but others were not fair. Estimates of costs for the new high school were right on target.
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on target

Completely accurate, wholly valid, as in Our cost estimates were right on target, or His criticisms were on target. This seemingly old expression dates only from the mid-1900s, and the colloquial use of target for a goal one wishes to achieve dates from about 1940.
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mod. timely; exact; incisive. Your criticism is exactly on-target.

on target

Completely accurate, precise, or valid: observations that were right on target.
See also: on, target
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It is sometimes said that inflation targeting would not allow enough flexibility to U.
Inflation targeting in the United States would lock in the good aspects of the Greenspan era for the future, and reduce or eliminate some less good aspects, for instance, the dependency of U.
Assess opportunities and risks for the continued development of targeting agents in major cancer indications.
Simplifies online advertising: Unlike traditional ad networks where advertisers need teams of employees to manage manual targeting including selecting sites or selecting and optimizing hundreds of thousands of keywords, the Turn network automatically analyzes and targets ads.
By dynamically and automatically selecting and blending targeting variables, Turn can determine the best ad or group of ads for any situation.
Competitive Landscape in Anti-Angiogenesis and Vascular Targeting in Oncology
Target Analysis in Anti-Angiogenesis and Vascular Targeting
Powerful new targeting features enable publishers to create campaigns that guarantee specific reach and frequency goals.
For publishers looking to maximize revenue opportunities, minimize costs and streamline their ad operations, the integrated Web analytics and Behavioral Targeting capabilities of Open AdStream 6 enables them to target and serve ads more quickly, accurately and cost effectively than if they used three separate applications," said Ali C.
In January 2006, Endocyte also licensed its targeting technology to Bristol-Myers Squibb for the development of epothilone-based chemotherapeutic agents.
Those with annual household incomes above $75,000 and those with post-graduate degrees are roughly twice as likely to respond to demographic, geographic and behavioral targeting as their counterparts at the bottom income and educational levels.
The introduction of the InFocus targeting suite complements Vendare's proprietary optimization engine that has historically enabled buyers and planners to maximize and measure the effectiveness of their online marketing campaign while accessing up to 85 million unique users a month.
Used successfully by nonprofits since 2003, Echelon Targeting and Kintera have already demonstrated that organizations using Echelon Targeting tools benefit from higher funds raised per campaign and lower campaign costs.
Two groups of 10 mice each received sham injections and naked anti-EWS-FLI1 siRNA, respectively, and three additional groups of 10 mice each received various siRNA sequences formulated with Calando's proprietary cyclodextrin-containing polymer siRNA delivery system: siRNA with an unrelated sequence to EWS-FLI1, anti-EWS-FLI1 siRNA and anti-EWS-FLI1 siRNA that did not contain the tumor targeting ligand.
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