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dead on target

1. Precisely aimed, as of a shot or throw. His shot was dead on target from nearly midfield, placed perfectly in the corner of the goal. That pitcher has been throwing dead on target all game, striking out nearly every batter.
2. Exactly correct or to the intended point. I think her speech was dead on target about what this country needs to prioritize for the future.
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Target run

A shopping trip to the department store Target. A: "How does every Target run end up costing me at least $50?" B: "Because you say you're only getting milk and paper towels, and then you come home with 12 other things."
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on target

on schedule; exactly as predicted. Your estimate of the cost was right on target. My prediction was not on target.
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target someone or something as something

to aim at someone or something as something; to choose someone or something as someone or something. The board targeted Alice as a potential candidate. We targeted the first of August as the starting date.
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(right) on target

correct or accurate Many of Mr. Bryant's criticisms were on target but others were not fair. Estimates of costs for the new high school were right on target.
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on target

Completely accurate, wholly valid, as in Our cost estimates were right on target, or His criticisms were on target. This seemingly old expression dates only from the mid-1900s, and the colloquial use of target for a goal one wishes to achieve dates from about 1940.
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mod. timely; exact; incisive. Your criticism is exactly on-target.

on target

Completely accurate, precise, or valid: observations that were right on target.
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tax -- which acquired a foreign corporation target that (along with its target affiliates) is not subject to U.
In addition to receiving five percent off nearly all purchases using a REDcard, guests will receive a coupon good for 5 percent off a future day of shopping every time they fill five prescriptions at a Target pharmacy with a Target REDcard.
And as security increases in New York and Washington as the election nears, we become a more likely target.
These and other authorities are then applied to expenses incurred by a target in both "friendly" and "hostile" takeover attempts in an effort to establish the proper tax treatment of such expenses.
Thus, the ceiling is different from monetary targeting as practiced by the Bundesbank who announced a target corridor, or more precisely a funnel, for the future money stock that would be in line with price level stability.
To avoid this, the taxpayer should argue that the new debt of Target to Holding is merely a recapitalization of Target.
Camps can focus their marketing efforts on this target market.
During my tour of the target area, I observed that, as was expected, most of the older, lower-income housing is closest to the District line.
They believe Parent effectively controls both Target and Subsidiary at the time Subsidiary is transferred to Target.
It also attempted to shift the focus from how individual characteristics affect agents' choice of compliance-gaining strategies to how target communication behaviors influence agents' decisions about what strategies to use.
Target's REDcard Rewards loyalty program applies to the Target REDcards, including the Target Credit Card, Target Visa Credit Card and Target Debit Card.
To date, there has been no mandatory requirement prescribed by Congress or Treasury as to the minimum amount of issuing corporation stock that must be received by the target shareholders to satisfy the COI requirement.
The parity-violating (PV) neutron spin rotation about the momentum axis as long-wavelength ([lambda] > 1 [Angstrom]) neutrons traverse the target medium arises from the spin-dependent part ([[sigma].
Weller wouldn't go so far to say that Target is the Starbucks of housewares.
Since the iSCSI specification was officially advanced onto the standards track by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) six months ago, many vendors have begun shipping iSCSI initiator and target products.