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cut through red tape

To circumvent bureaucratic obstacles (which are often referred to as "red tape") in order to accomplish something. Our lawyer was able to cut through red tape and get us an answer from the courthouse.
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have (one) taped

To understand or know someone or something well and use that knowledge accordingly. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I had you taped the minute you walked in here scowling. You're going to sit right here, in the front of the classroom.
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red tape

Official, bureaucratic rules or methods that are typically overly strict, convoluted, or tedious. Our lawyer was able to cut through red tape and get us an answer from the courthouse. There's so much red tape involved in opening up a restaurant that we decided to ditch the plan altogether.
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get (someone or something) taped

To understand or know someone or something well and use that knowledge accordingly. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Oh, I got you taped the minute you walked in here scowling. You're going to sit right here, in the front of the classroom.
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tape off

To close off something or some area by using brightly colored tape to form a barrier. A noun can be used between "tape" and "off." City regulators have taped the building off ahead of its demolition. Make sure you tape off the crime scene so no one contaminates the evidence before the detectives arrive.
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cut through red tape

Fig. to eliminate or neutralize something complicated, such as bureaucratic rules and procedures. I will try to cut through all the red tape for you so you get your visa on time. I am sure someone can help us cut through all this red tape.
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red tape

Fig. over-strict attention to the wording and details of rules and regulations, especially by government workers. (From the color of the tape used by government departments in England to tie up bundles of documents.) Because of red tape, Frank took weeks to get a visa. Red tape prevented Jack's wife from joining him abroad.
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red tape

Official forms and procedures, especially those that are complex and time-consuming. For example, There's so much red tape involved in approving our remodeling that we're tempted to postpone it indefinitely . This expression alludes to the former British custom of tying up official documents with red ribbon. [Early 1800s]
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red tape

COMMON Red tape is official rules and documents that seem unnecessary and cause delay. After dealing with all the red tape and finally getting approval for the building, our funding has been cut. Two lawyers have written a book to help people cut through the red tape when dealing with British nationality laws. Note: Lawyers and government officials used to tie documents together with red or pink tape.
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have got something taped

If you have got something taped, you understand it and are in control of it. The one certainty of parenthood is that whenever you feel you've got it taped, something or someone will come along to throw you off balance! They rarely enter any competition until they have got it pretty much taped.
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have (or get) someone or something taped

understand someone or something fully. British informal
Early examples of the phrase, dating from the early 20th century, do not make its development clear: the sense could derive either from the action of measuring someone with a tape measure or from that of tying someone or something up with tape (and thereby getting them under control).
2001 John Diamond C: Because Cowards Get Cancer Too After a few false starts you've learned how to do sending the meal back, dropping the girlfriend, getting through the job interview, making the marriage proposal: you think you've got it taped.
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red ˈtape

(disapproving) official rules that seem more complicated than necessary and prevent things from being done quickly: Do you know how much red tape you have to go through if you want to import a car?This phrase comes from the custom of tying up official documents with red ribbon or tape.
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have somebody/something ˈtaped

(British English, informal) understand somebody/something completely and have learned how to deal with them/it successfully: He can’t fool me — I’ve got him taped.

tape off

To restrict or reserve some location or area by encircling it with tape: The police taped off the crime scene. We taped the bench off so that no one would sit on the wet paint.
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mod. finalized; sealed (up); cinched. (As if one were taping a package.) I’ll have this deal taped by Thursday. Then we can take it easy.
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