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cut through red tape

Fig. to eliminate or neutralize something complicated, such as bureaucratic rules and procedures. I will try to cut through all the red tape for you so you get your visa on time. I am sure someone can help us cut through all this red tape.
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red tape

Fig. over-strict attention to the wording and details of rules and regulations, especially by government workers. (From the color of the tape used by government departments in England to tie up bundles of documents.) Because of red tape, Frank took weeks to get a visa. Red tape prevented Jack's wife from joining him abroad.
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red tape

official rules which do not seem necessary and make things happen very slowly My passport application has been held up by red tape.
See be on full alert, go beet red, go beetroot, roll out the red carpet, see red
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have somebody taped

  (British & Australian informal)
to know that someone is doing something bad and therefore be able to deal with them Spencer doesn't worry me - I've got him taped.
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red tape

Official forms and procedures, especially those that are complex and time-consuming. For example, There's so much red tape involved in approving our remodeling that we're tempted to postpone it indefinitely . This expression alludes to the former British custom of tying up official documents with red ribbon. [Early 1800s]
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tape off

To restrict or reserve some location or area by encircling it with tape: The police taped off the crime scene. We taped the bench off so that no one would sit on the wet paint.
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mod. finalized; sealed (up); cinched. (As if one were taping a package.) I’ll have this deal taped by Thursday. Then we can take it easy.
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