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it takes two to tango

Two parties are responsible for a certain action or situation in which they are involved. Your son blames mine for their fight at school, but it generally takes two to tango. We won't be able to get this deal underway unless your company is willing to compromise. It takes two to tango, after all.
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(It) takes two to tango.

Prov. Some things cannot happen by one person acting alone. Alan: You're always arguing! Stop arguing all the time. Jane: I can't argue all by myself. It takes two to tango. Fred: Did you hear? Janice got herself pregnant. Jill: Well, she didn't do it all by herself. Takes two to tango, you know.
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it takes two to tango

The active cooperation of both parties is needed for some enterprises, as in We'll never pass this bill unless both parties work out a compromise-it takes two to tango . This expression dates from the 1920s, when the Latin American tango became a very popular dance. It was popularized by the singer Pearl Bailey in her 1952 hit song of that name written by Al Hoffman and Dick Manning.
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it takes two to tango

If you say that it takes two to tango, you mean that in a situation or argument involving two people, both of them are responsible for it. Each side is blaming the other but it takes two to tango. I've tried everything to stop our marriage falling apart. But it takes two to tango and so far our relationship has been one-sided. Note: This is the title of a song by Hoffman and Manning, written in 1952.
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it takes two to tango

both parties involved in a situation or argument are equally responsible for it. informal
Takes Two to Tango was the title of a 1952 song by Al Hoffman and Dick Manning .
1996 Washington Post It takes two to tango in this…business. Both your computer's video card and your monitor must be capable of a given rate to achieve it.
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takes two to tango

phr. requires two people to do certain things. There’s no such thing as a one-sided argument. It takes two to tango.
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Tango Yankee

phr. thank you. (NATO Phonetic Alphabet.) Tango Yankee for the email.
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