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tangle someone or something up

to entangle someone or something. Please don't tangle me up in your ropes. I tangled up my feet in the cords on the floor.
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tangle with someone or something (over someone or something)

to battle against someone or something about someone or something. Tim tangled with Karen over the children. I hope I don't have to tangle with the bank over this loan. I don't want to tangle with city hall.
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tangle up

1. To mix something together or intertwine it in a confused mass; snarl something: I accidentally tangled that rope up with the others. You've tangled up all the paper clips and now I can't separate them. The telephone cord is tangled up in a knot.
2. To catch and hold something in or as if in a net; entrap something: The children tangled the kite up in the branches. I tangled up the fishing lure as I was pulling it through the weeds. A dolphin became tangled up in the fishing net.
3. To involve someone in awkward or unsavory circumstances. Used chiefly in the passive: How did a good kid like you get tangled up with criminals? No politician would want to be tangled up in this sordid affair.
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tangle with

To enter into argument, dispute, or conflict with someone or something: The tenants were afraid to tangle with their landlord's expensive lawyers.
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tangle with someone/something

in. to quarrel or fight with someone or something. It’s like tangling with a grizzly.
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Last year the 155-yard 12th, with water at the front and a wicked bunker at the back as well as tangly undergrowth to the left, cost Jeff Maggert the Green Jacket.
He turns up at Valderrama, digs one out of the thick tangly rough, and the wrist goes again.
He even used that F word that many of us employ when ploughing through tangly rough looking for a ball.
His 6- iron approach tugged slightly left, and onto a fringe of tangly grass.
His ball was deep in the tangly rough and he blasted out to 40 feet and three-putted.
He is a tough competitor with a great fairways-and-greens game and, above all, terrific patience, a prime asset at St George's, where you can hit what you think is the perfect shot, only to find it in tangly rough.
Staying on the narrow fairways and out of the tangly greenside rough that will strangle Phil Mickelson's showboating parachute shots has always been big Col's forte.
Monty last night got a 7-4 quote from Hills, though Ladbrokes went a more realistic looking 4-1, while Woods was pushed out to 7-2 after a disappointing par round of 71 that was littered with visits to tangly rough and bunkers - it took him only 11 shots to find one of the 196 traps strewn over this historic Lancashire links.
second shot into the thick, tangly rough behind the green and after enlisting enthusiastic spectators to help find his ball, the little white object was found just on the stroke of the five-minute limit by, would you believe, Gary's caddie, Rabbit Dyer.