tamper with

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tamper with (something)

To make harmful or subversive alterations to something; to meddle or interfere with something. Investigators concluded that someone had tampered with the control unit of the machine. He's been accused of tampering with the committee tasked with selecting successful applicants. The locks have not been tampered with and there is no sign of a break-in anywhere on the premises.
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tamper with someone or something

to fiddle with someone or something; to meddle with someone or something. I've got him believing just what I want him to believe. Don't tamper with him. Please don't tamper with the thermostat.
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tamper with

1. Interfere or meddle, especially in a harmful way. For example, If you tamper with that lock it's sure to break. [c. 1600]
2. Engage in improper or secret dealings, as in He was accused of tampering with the jury. [c. 1600]
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tamper with

To interfere with something in a harmful manner: Someone has been tampering with my mail—these letters have been opened! When jurors reported that they had been offered bribes, the judge told the defense not to tamper with the jury.
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And the kind of cricket that is going on these docile pitches, it spells death for the bowlers if you don't tamper with the ball.
Moreover, because all computers make errors from time to time, "our methods work even against machines that we cannot actively tamper with," Lipton says.
As data flows across an enterprise's network, Perimeter Data's products automatically time/location stamp, digitally sign, encrypt, and archive the data so that any attempts to access or tamper with any files are noted, flagged and prevented.
Lewinsky, no matter how graphic, can alter the fact that the president did not commit perjury; he did not obstruct justice; he did not tamper with witnesses; and he did not abuse the power of his office,'' Kendall said.
Any attempts to tamper with the seal are easily evident.
The First Amendment doesn't give me the right to tamper with a product," Bradley said, adding that there is a public safety issue involved in tampering laws.
Cloakware/TRS transforms code that might take a sophisticated hacker minutes to breach, into unique but functionally identical instances of the program that will take an attacker months or more to tamper with or reverse engineer.
JPMS is a leader in the national effort to protect all consumers from unscrupulous individuals who tamper with products and decode products, thus endangering the safety of everyone, especially children.