tally with

tally with something

1. Lit. [for one set of figures] to match another set of figures. Your figures don't tally with mine. Let's add them up again. The total Sam got didn't tally with what the tax agent had come up with.
2. Fig. [for one thing] to agree or correlate with another. What you just said doesn't tally with what you told me before. His story doesn't tally with what I already know.
See also: tally
References in classic literature ?
At the end of an hour neither of us had made a count, and so Dan was tired of keeping tally with nothing to tally, and we were heated and angry and disgusted.
Thy wife, and with a tainted memory- MY seared and blighted name, how would it tally With the ancestral honors of thy house, And with thy glory?
It is unpleasant that our destiny does not tally with the destiny of the rest of the world, but what would you?
It doesn't tally with your account of her," said Newman, "that she should have sins to confess.
But the voices of madmen, even in their wildest paroxysms, are never found to tally with that peculiar voice heard upon the stairs.
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