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Socially, however, height makes an undeniable difference when shortness can cause you to be bullied as pandak (not even media, at 4'11, was spared of this indignity), while tallness is an advantage in many jobs-especially for the majority who do not have the means to become lawyers, doctors, engineers or other professionals for whom height isn't much of an advantage.
The fixation on tallness over girth was not always the case, Large girth and obesity, not tallness, was valued in political and corporate culture in Western societies from the 1800s to the time of the great depression in the 1930s.
Pooled data showed a convincing association between tallness and bowel and postmenopausal breast cancer.
Kingwell reflects a great deal on the association of tallness with virtue.
The bilateral relation (idafah maquli)--such as fatherhood, tallness, childhood, loving, etc.
Not content being ridiculously tall in the privacy of their own homes, these towering tykes feel obliged to inflict their tallness on the rest of society.
This tallness is also recognized as a desirable trait for low-yielding environments where stress conditions limit plant growth (Walker and Cooper, 1982).
A second shows Wolfe touching his living room's ceiling light, which hangs eight feet from the floor, a picture Disraeli shot off the cuff as Wolfe discussed his discomfort at visitors who commented on his tallness.
Heterozygous plants have different genes of a Mendelian pair present in the same organism; such is the case with tall pea plants that contain genes for both tallness and dwarfness, and these plants are not true to type.
Previous studies identified advancing age, female sex, early menopause, low body weight, cigarette smoking, alcohol consumption, low calcium intake, low physical activity, tallness, previous low-trauma fracture as an adult, and history of hip fracture in a first-degree relative as important risk factors for osteoporosis (8-10).
The root cause of those puppy dog eyes came to visit for a few weeks over the summer and, in terms of tallness and handsomeness, it wasn't difficult to understand why he made her heart beat that little bit faster.
One way to accentuate that tallness is to break up the panels and make taller, thinner panels proportionally," said Mr.
Schauer produced a comprehensive, honest, 206-page report, which identified Goethe's ties to the anti-Catholic movement, his racist views about Mexicans, his opposition to immigration from non-European countries, and his preference for "Protestantism, and tallness, blondness, blue-eyedness.
The exaggerated yet refined geometry of tallness and thinness exploits the narrowest of sites (barely 10m wide).