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Lots of others make the claim, but with a tallish driver up front they become a three seater at best.
Now, I am a tallish chap - almost six feet in thick socks, but that paper hung, tantalisingly, just beyond reach.
Tallish, well-made, but not strikingly handsome individual.
Fran and I met professionally a few years back and soon realised we were as irreverent as each other, impossibly chopsy, tallish, biggish, and loved to have a good laugh and bemoan men over a few menthol cigarettes.
Although the center speaker in the middle system is located on top of a tallish RPTV monitor and has its center over a foot higher than the acoustic center of the flanking Cantata systems, the Classical/Opera mode was easily superior to any other I tried.
Not me: Robert Horry was a tallish small forward when he entered the NBA in 1992, but don't expect him to inherit any of Fox's minutes in the rotation.
Richard is tallish, darkish and handsomeish and, when Vicky drags him back to feed him to the pride, seems to meet with Lyndsay's approval.
On the ninth, Bondarenko pulled his drive into the trees, leaving himself with a tallish tree in front and a spot of bother on his backswing.
Designers managed to conjure up a way of giving the car an illusion of being far bigger than it actually was, thanks mainly to its tallish roofline and low-level floor pan.
5m tall, a long wheelbase, but short body overhangs, means it is capable of seating four tallish adults in comfort and is an absolute doddle to park.
The Kuga still handles well, with roll and yaw well under control despite the SUV''s high-set position, tallish architecture and bulky contours.
A recital given in St George's Hall Concert Room for the Rodewald Society) In Liverpool the other night Radu Lupu played for us Tallish, oldish, black hair and beard going grey Dark suit, dark shirt, dark tie He walked, unhurried, dignified To the piano and rested his left hand on it Accepting our applause with the tiniest of bows He sat back in his chair, hands on the keys Looking like Brahms's brother And played messages from the music gods First received and noted down By three of their high priests Beethoven, Schubert, Brahms The music spoke and laughed and danced And sang a sad 'Auf Wiedersehen
5in longer than its predecessor and, coming with a body more than 5in longer and 2in wider, the interior has become more spacious in every way, delivering plenty of leg and shoulder room front and rear while, despite the sleek roofline having been lowered slightly, my tallish colleagues sat in the rear didn't have any problems with headroom.
All this has contributed to showing that BMW listens to and addresses criticism, increased dimensions resulting in a more practical, yet much sportier looking car than its predecessor, which delivers sufficient leg room to accommodate tallish occupants both front and rear.
I'm unsure where this affinity with snow comes from - being tallish and fairish, perhaps a female ancestor was frightened by a Viking.