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There are three awe-inspiring peaks (The Magic Flute, Fidelio, and Webers Der Freischutz); tallish markers elsewhere (Weber's Euryanthe and Oberon; Mozart's Die Entfuhrung aus dem Serail).
It may only have one tallish chimney stack to impress but there is triple garaging and more than a few modern comforts.
Years from now, at that veterans' club, he will no doubt conclude his tallish tale with this sage advice:
While she professes herself quite ready to be a movie star, the tallish brunette devotes no evident time to studying her craft, as she's too busy being quirky and unpredictable in her jaunts around the city.
Today I do not say that it is dishonest, but it is a commuting village, pretty enough in a tea-garden sort of a way, composed of one main straggling street bordered by tallish, flint-built walls and lined with tile-hung cottages, the homes of labouring men -- aye, labouring men, for though their life of toil be in the Wen, where they travel -- and back again -- every day, it is a life of toil indeed, the fruits of which I wonder if they can much enjoy, once half a million pounds of them are sunk in an old cowman's cot.
GR itself comprised mostly subalpine ground dominated by tallish vegetation, chiefly heather with some blaeberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) and crowberry (Empetrum nigrum).
Strong proof is the solo for Daniel Squire, a tallish blond chap on whose T-shirt Rauschenberg imprinted the faces of two clocks.
The tallish page format, crisp, white, odourless paper, quality hard-binding and well-designed dust jacket add more than a touch of elegance.
On the front page of the Sunday Age John Howard stood tallish, flanked by two Australian flags, his arms outstretched in extravagant relief:
out, and a tallish boy hawking fruit snacks by the entrance wins you
Others may reckon its a modestly handsome car that fully fits the current demand for so-called crossover vehicles that mix a tallish, vaguely off-road look with the family practicality and sensible running costs of a conventional hatchback.
Sitting higher than hatchback-norm in the tallish Altea means easy entry and exit but did mean the engineers had to t stier springs to counter extra lean on corners, and it shows.
Never has been, never will be - but the latest version of the B-sector car does convey less of an image of mini-van, mini MPV, more of mini hatchback - despite its tallish architecture.
Nissan designers also conjured up a way of giving the Note an illusion of being a far bigger car than it actually is, thanks mainly to its tallish roofline and low-level floor pan, while the rear seats slide back to maximise passenger leg-room or forward to increase luggage space.