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tally something up

to add something up. Please tally everything up and tell me the total. Let's tally up everything and ask for donations.
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tally with something

1. Lit. [for one set of figures] to match another set of figures. Your figures don't tally with mine. Let's add them up again. The total Sam got didn't tally with what the tax agent had come up with.
2. Fig. [for one thing] to agree or correlate with another. What you just said doesn't tally with what you told me before. His story doesn't tally with what I already know.
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tally up

To calculate something, especially by addition: The waiter tallied up our bill at the end of the meal. The election officials tallied the votes up and announced the winner.
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References in classic literature ?
To this, Kit's mother yielded her full assent, and tracing things back from effects to causes, they naturally reverted to their deceased husbands, respecting whose lives, deaths, and burials, they compared notes, and discovered sundry circumstances that tallied with wonderful exactness; such as Barbara's father having been exactly four years and ten months older than Kit's father, and one of them having died on a Wednesday and the other on a Thursday, and both of them having been of a very fine make and remarkably good-looking, with other extraordinary coincidences.
It tallied deaths of almost 77,000 Iraqis between January 2004 and August 2008--the darkest chapter of Iraq's sectarian warfare and the U.
In Los Angeles, eight keen spotters tallied 250pigeons.
were already reaping the benefits of the county's newly installed electronic touchscreen voting system, which not only accurately tallied the votes and printed out the results, but did it within just an hour after poll closing.
PORT HUENEME - With soft steps and quick eyes, they spotted thousands of birds Sunday in Ventura County, from grand hawks to common American coots, all tallied up for the National Audubon Society's 104th annual Christmas Bird Count.
But newspapers don't record the catches from multiday trips that are tallied by the DFG, so the 1998 fish counts listed here are 10 percent to 20 percent lower than the official year-end results will reflect come March.