talk with

talk with someone (about someone or something)

to hold a discussion with someone or a group. Could I talk with you about Alice? Can I talk with you about my salary?
See also: talk
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But things have changed since that inauspicious stuttering start, and now liberal talk with Air America personalities syndicated with some other progressive talkers, are ready to give it another go.
Joe Pursch, who currently hosts Real Talk with Joe Pursch on KFIA, will be developing a new, special series called "Transforming Moments" that will air throughout the day on KFIA later this fall.
Use a game approach as a way to get your children to talk with you.
CFHC), today launched "Talk With Your Kids," a new effort to keep kids healthy and safe by helping parents talk with their children about sex.
Talk with Your Kids will provide parents with the information and resources they need to help young people make healthy decisions about sexual behavior.
The initial efforts of Talk with Your Kids include:
The dissemination of more than 100,000 Talk with Your Kids "Tip Sheets" to encourage and help parents talk with their kids about sex.
Unfortunately, national surveys find that more than half of parents say they never talk with their children about sex, another twenty five percent say they rarely do.
With a Gmail account, users can try both Gmail and Google Talk, and begin inviting their friends and family to talk with them for free over email, IM or a voice call.
The opportunity to package Net Talk with a popular business portal such as Competitive Knowledge will allow many people to take advantage of our technology.
Our goal is to provide Internet users the ability to talk with each other without having to log off their computers and pick up the telephone.
Viacom said it will continue to talk with all major online services regarding nonexclusive content deals.