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Many fearful of change support strong personalities who talk tough and display protectionist and authoritarian tendencies.
Wilson told Radio Scotland yesterday: "Nicola Sturgeon has to talk tough in order to try to get some increased influence over events.
WHEN this migrant crisis started and the EU talked of quotas, I predicted on this page that David Cameron would first talk tough but then cave in.
Two-faced ministers talk tough in public but are also busy looking after their banking buddies.
It is no good for the government to talk tough about our borders when those of our neighbours leak like sieves.
The protesters said India will have to talk tough with Pakistan.
The Government threatened to curb prices, but David Cameron has done nothing except talk tough.
Governments talk tough on law and order but when it comes to making offenders serve their time they revert to the soft option.
Eugene Fire & EMS Talk Tough - Eugene Fire & EMS Department "Talks Tough About Your Safety," a program that parents are encouraged to attend with their teens, from 6 p.
John O'Connell, research director of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said: "Councillors are often quick to talk tough and clamp down on residents who haven't paid but that is a bit rich when there are so many that haven't paid themselves.
Billie's old friends from Balham may talk tough - though some think their street slang is more amusing than hostile - but so far, their bad behaviour has been restricted to spray painting Arthur's bench and laughing a bit too loudly in the Vic.
But the question is why Krishna needed to talk tough now when the issue was discussed at the highest level during Australian PM Kevin Rudd's visit here last November.
Casey said Washington wanted India to talk tough with Iran during Mr.
When it comes to action at the local level Newcastle Lib-Dem bosses may talk tough, but their record says different.
Labour may talk tough on crime, but they are not giving the police the resources they need to do the job.