talk through

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talk something through

1. to discuss something in detail. Let's talk the issue through and get it decided.
2. to get something approved by talking convincingly. The board was reluctant to approve it, but I talked it through. We will talk through this matter in the board meeting.
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talk through something

also talk it through
to explain or consider something in detail, esp. a problem He had tried to get her to talk through her fears so she would see that they weren't so serious. I think you will have to talk it through with Sandy to see if she agrees with our plans.
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talk you through something

to explain something in detail to someone walk (somebody) through something Phil was looking for someone to talk him through the new computer system.
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talk through

1. To discuss something thoroughly in order to come to some resolution: At the meeting, the employees talked through the issues and came up with a solution. We rarely fight, because we talk our problems through.
2. To guide someone through some process: The fire chief talked us through the exit procedure step by step.
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