talk down to

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talk down to someone

to speak to someone in a patronizing manner; to speak to someone in the simplest way. The manager insulted everyone in the office by talking down to them. Please don't talk down to me. I can understand anything you have to say.
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talk down to somebody

to speak to someone as if they were too young or stupid to understand something I think of old people just as I think of myself, so I don't talk down to them.
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talk down to

Also, speak down to. Address someone with insulting condescension, patronize, as in Just because she's editor-in-chief doesn't give her the right to talk down to her staff , or Children hate teachers who speak down to them.
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Meant to be something they can take with them during the day, creator Chris Dahl explains the Radio AAHS credo as, "Treat kids respectfully, don't talk down to them and give them something of substance.
In episodes that never moralize or talk down to kids, Arthur and his friends encounter the joys and difficulties that all kids experience and manage to handle each situation with imagination, kindness, and a lot of humor.
The no-nonsense narration does not talk down to the reader, and the splendid full-color photographs highlight this engaging introduction to the fast-paced auto racing world.
I don't sugar coat things or talk down to them,'' said the Rev.
By the way, that means when you talk down to someone.
We still await Panorama's efforts, which one hopes will at least treat the viewing public as intelligent rather than talk down to them as if they were all card-carrying morons.
They are impatient with guidebooks that talk down to them or that tout only the major sights and fail to capture the personality of a place and people.
We've taken great care not to talk down to our audience.
He plays black people, he plays white people, and he doesn't talk down to anybody,'' said co-star Taye Diggs.