talk back

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talk back (to one)

To answer, respond, or interrupt in a rude, impertinent, or hostile manner. If you don't stop talking back like that, you'll be going to bed with no dinner! The student was removed from class for talking back to her teacher.
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talk back (to someone)

to challenge verbally a parent, an older person, or one's superior. Please don't talk back to me! I've told you before not to talk back!
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talk back

Also, answer back. Reply rudely or impertinently, as in She was always in trouble for talking back, or The teacher won't allow anyone to answer back to her. [Second half of 1800s]
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talk back

1. To respond to someone rudely or inappropriately: The servants were not supposed to talk back to their masters.
2. To make a hostile response: The enemy's guns are talking back.
3. To respond to a signal or transmission, especially through a path of electronic communication: My computer is sending information through the modem, but the network computer is not talking back.
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The 2003 NCC/Gallup Talk Back Study was inspired by one of the more unique features of the NCC: the "Talk Back" and "Town Hall Wall" areas of the NCC museum.
The questions asked in the 2003 NCC/Gallup Talk Back Study mirror those posed in the museum exhibits.
Based on the National Constitution Center Talk Back question "Tell us what justifies sending troops to war?
Luros said he is not married, except to his two dogs, ``who never talk back and are always happy to see me.
Scream will deliver the opinions of mobile industry leaders to the industry community - and let the community talk back.
Realizing that a dog can be every bit as endearing as a child (maybe more, since they never talk back, ditch school or whine about the size of their allowance), Westwood author Ellen Sinaiko has created ``Puppy's First Book'' (Vantage Books; $16.
Levinson was President of UTV Talk Back Television, an interactive cable television network, and was President of both Showcase Cablevision and Monmouth Cablevision Inc.
Children talk back as a way of testing your authority.
When children talk back and about what depends on several factors.
If your child starts to talk back to you, stop the process immediately by not continuing the discussion.
The reason people like voice-response phone services where the computer can actually talk to them and they can talk back is instant information -- whether it's a stock quote or a mortgage rate.
It is the Ethiopian way, she said, to not talk back to one's elders.
Founded in 1995, Wizzard Software was the world's first company to launch a speech recognition e-mail product, and, was the first company to launch an interactive conversational product enabling users to talk back and forth with their PCs in real time.
wants in a leader: She listens, doesn't talk back and she demurs to her advisers.