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talent management

The area of a business that focuses on retaining current employees and hiring new, exemplary candidates. Talent management is a crucial part of any successful business.
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have a hidden talent

 and have hidden talents
Fig. to have talents or skills that no one knows about. Wow, Perry! I didn't know you had so many hidden talents.
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Instead of idolising the talentless, perhaps role models should besought from people respected in local communities.
Now that talentless tubby telly wannabe Piers Morgan's been invited to the PM's country residence, should it be renamed Chubby Chequers?
They bring in their own team who are a talentless bunch of journeymen who cast aside the principles of Saga to attract younger listeners.
The arrogance of this talentless show host just goes to prove the situation in Ireland remains depressingly the same.
Were they musical mavericks - the ultimate garage band - or talentless amateurs who, through the quirks of fate, snagged some vastly undeserved fame?
was a ten-apenny,kiddie bopper,disco throwaway and summed up all that is wrong with the British record industry - tasteless, talentless and completely lacking in ideas and direction.
CONSTANT TV exposure makes micro-celebrities of talentless non-entities.
Cerys, love, if you want to be respected for your music, it might be smarter to leave flashing the bare necessities to the talentless wannabes.
These so-called experts have managed to inflict a bunch of hyped-up talentless karaoke singers on us.
And, incredibly, the talentless muppets often become incredibly successful.
It is truly unbelievable how such a talentless actress can get pregnant by a man who doesn't want to know and still come up smelling of roses.
CORONATION STREET Mon, Thur, Fri ITV1 h h d f h i l With the day of the musical contest between uke banjo playing Sylvia and pianist Norris approaching, it's obvious they're almost as talentless as each other.
Tune in next week as Sharon Osbourne criticises the hopefuls for being petulant, talentless, volatile and attention-seeking.
EVERY time I pick up a newspaper I see another article about the talentless karaoke singers, The Conway Sisters.
One of which was the film's portrayal of Davies - who became Susan Alexander, a rather talentless dim bulb, as opposed to the vivacious Davies.