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MASTER Blaster Sachin Tendulkar is taking guard to bat for an all- new cause.
TAKING GUARD Durham's Paul Collingwood with young cricketers at the Emirates ICG, where he gave his backing to Gateshead College's new Cricket Development Centre
Umpire Rod Tucker told Warner it was against the spirit of the game and skipper Michael Clarke later indicated that Warner would concentrate on the switch-hit rather than taking guard the opposite way before the ball has been delivered.
TAKING GUARD Pietersen is closely watched over by security during training yesterday
TAKING GUARD Skipper Pietersen is shadowed by armed guards as the England team arrives in Chennai yesterday; EVER FREDDIE Flintoff is 'comfortable' to return
Durham needed 48 off the last five overs and 16 from the final six deliveries with bowlers Nicky Phillips and Neil Killeen taking guard.
Taking guard for the first delivery after lunch, Atherton pulled Kashif Raza's short ball but mistimed his shot and gloved to slip, leaving him only one more innings to find his form before the Test.
Cook was bowled off the inside edge at 221-2, and that meant England enjoyed the rare luxury of Kevin Pietersen taking guard with only 8.