takes the cake

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something takes the cake

something is the most extreme example I've known some jerks but you take the cake.
Usage notes: usually said about something bad
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But then, what possibly takes the cake is the utter nonchalance with which the renowned - and by his own admission "immensely popular" - composer/singer utters: "I slapped a case against Dr Dre for lifting my tune [a part of his composition Thoda Resham Lagta Hai sung by Lata Mangeshkar, for those uninitiated]" and then in the same breath reveals: "I only used to lift maybe six of the 50 tunes that I composed, but today's composers lift almost all of them
Thing Bad takes the cake (again) this month as the hands-down, full-on stoke provider from Texas.
HEALTH and safety advice is often hard to swallow - but instructing police officers how to pack their lunchboxes just about takes the cake.
Jasper not only takes the cake, he takes it into a corner and eats it by himself," News.
But in per capita rates, Travis County takes the cake.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's reform measures on Tuesday's ballot - the Alliance for a Better California - takes the cake when it comes to false advertising.
Alexander Stadler's BEVERLY BILLINGSLY TAKES THE CAKE (0152053573, $16.
Titled "That Takes the Cake," the TV segment also features a second profile about "a Harvard graduate who left her job as a marketing executive to follow her dream and make pound cake.
But for no-holds-barred gender tweaking, Rumiko Takahashi's outrageous Ranma 1/2 takes the cake.
Online meal planning service eMeals comes to the rescue with a Back To School Survival Guide featuring easy-to-make mom-approved recipes for three power breakfasts, two lunch boxes, two weeknight dinners, two after-school snacks, and a "Crazy Good Cookie Dough Dip" that takes the cake for dessert.
But what takes the cake is that Ashwami, Earnwell, Swiftsol, Nivita Trades, Rigma Fintrade and Seven- Eleven have all registered their office address as Dube Chawl on Andheri Kurla Road.
But what really takes the cake on this one, are the remarks Egyptian owner Fulham Al Fayed fired back at the criticism: "Why is it bizarre?
London, Feb 18 (ANI): As the Royal Wedding day approaches closer, various kinds of memorabilia are being flouted here and there, but this one surely takes the cake.
AS a Spurs fan for 43 years I've been embarrassed on many occasions - 8-2 at Derby, 7-0 at Liverpool, 7-1 and 6-1 at Newcastle but this one really takes the cake.
After trying out multiple SNMP monitoring programs, this one takes the cake in price, functionality and support.