take a risk

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take a risk

To try to do something for which there is a high probability of a negative or unfortunate outcome. I'm taking a real risk hiring this guy, so you had better be right about him. You're never going to find real success unless you're willing to take a risk now and then.
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take a ˈrisk


take ˈrisks

do something even though you know that something bad could happen as a result: That’s a risk I’m not prepared to take.You have no right to take risks with other people’s money. OPPOSITE: play (it) safe
See also: risk, take
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AaAs the squad takes risks beyond the call of duty.
Amir sometimes takes risks I'd prefer him not to take but that's the way he fights.
Richard, on the other hand, takes risks but not unnecessary ones and followed all the safety procedures.
Artistic director Gerald Arpino, who co-founded the company with the late Robert Joffrey in 1956, is a choreographer who takes risks, creating controversial ballets that reflect life in American society, its problems, strengths and popular culture.
One in five winter sports enthusiasts aged 16-34 admits to being a 'bit of a daredevil' and happily takes risks on the slopes, according to research by Norwich Union Direct.
Being the luxury watch brand that takes risks with our daring designs and distinctive innovations, there is no better partnership than with the WSOP.
The Degree Men brand lives its promise and takes risks, so we plan to put on a hell of a show during Super Bowl XL," said Kevin George, Brand Marketing Manager, AP/Deo USA at Unilever.
The Brands With A Conscience List is evaluated on criteria including evidence of the human implications of the brand and considering the question of whether the brand takes risks in line with its beliefs.
LOGiCOM brings strong heritage and expertise to market with an innovative approach that takes risks and costs out of the traditional inventory and logistics equation.