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do a takeoff on (someone or something)

To parody someone or something. In our skit, we did a takeoff on the principal's daily announcements and had everyone cracking up.
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take-off artist

slang A thief, especially a mugger or robber. My dad always made it known that he kept a shotgun and a baseball bat behind the counter to ward off would-be take-off artists. The guy is a take-off artist. He used to walk around town posing as a foreigner, then he'd stop people on the street to ask for directions, pull a gun on them, and make off with their valuables.
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do a takeoff on someone or something

to perform a parody on someone or something. The comedian did a takeoff on the president, and everyone thought it was terribly funny.
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take-off artist

Sl a thief. (Underworld.) A take-off artist known as the Cat is cleaning out closets and jewelry boxes all over town. He's not a sales agent. He's a takeoff artist, pure and simple.
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take-off artist

n. a thief. (Underworld.) A take-off artist known as the Cat is cleaning out closets and jewelry boxes all over town.
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But to go forth knowing a brownout takeoff was a sure thing, and not properly scanning the gauges during the execution of same, earns no sympathy.
Remanufactured equipment includes single- and twin-screw extruders; sheet and film takeoff systems; reclaim lines; pelletizers; and winders.
Only airplanes with ten or more seats must officially gauge what impact weight, temperature, runway conditions, and wind will have on takeoff.
The first takeoff involved an airplane with a worn fuel selector.
In all of Part 91 (outside Subpart K), there's only one area that discusses takeoff minimums.
The contract is for the implementation of forest services in Gorce Forestry in 2015 under the Takeoff attached hereto.
Researchers return non significant differences in height of the COG at the end of takeoff phase (h1) to the stability of sample height, while takeoff and hip angle did not affect by training program due to stability of technical performance of both groups which in turn mean that plyometric training is the base of enhancing kinematic variables related to physical variables, there was little enhancing in hip angle for first group as a result of enhancing physical variables.
The takeoff is recognised as one of the most, if not the most, critical stage of flight, as there is limited time and options available to the flight crew for managing abnormal situation such as insufficient airspeed.
According to the company, the software integration, called the Success Takeoff Exchange, will give US Cost users direct access to On Center Software's On-Screen Takeoff for a more productive, more accurate estimating tool.
Two close calls at the airport last week indicate airport officials should consider changing the way takeoffs and landings are handled, Nance says.
A Niigata airport air traffic controller permitted a takeoff of a Japan Airlines plane bound for Osaka without approving the plane's flight plan Tuesday, the transport ministry said Thursday.
Following the normal brief items and safety-of-flight info, we went over our takeoff computations one more time.
A FULL-TIME microlight airfield looks set for takeoff after it was given the backing of planning offic-ers from West Lancashire council.