take (something) personally

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take (something) personally

To be offended, upset, or negatively affected by something at a personal level; to consider something as being a direct, personal attack against oneself. Don't take his comments personally—he's that hard on everyone in the office. I know these comments are all from anonymous people on the internet that I'll never meet, but it's still hard not to take them personally. I'm just afraid that all these people we're not inviting to the wedding will take it personally.
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take something personally

to interpret a remark as if it were mean or critical about oneself. Don't take it personally, but you really need a haircut. I want to tell you something, but please don't take it personally.
See also: personally, take

take something ˈpersonally

feel personally offended by somebody’s general remark, etc: I was talking about people having smelly socks, and I’m afraid Mike took it personally.Look, don’t take this personally, Sue, but there are several people in this office who are not working hard enough.
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Images must be original and taken personally by the photographer, not previously published, and showcase daily life in the Mekong subregion and how lives have changed in the last 25 years.
Photos are sent to Sculptarium, or taken personally to the studio, including at least one full-body photograph.
I don't mean that to be taken personally by anybody at Apple -- but every time I look at macOS the wrong way something falls over.
Two, an openness to disagreements, arguments and wild ideas, while avoiding their being taken personally (a cultural tendency or weakness of Filipinos).
I'm hoping we can get lots of donations from generous Merseyside people which will then either be sent over by courier or taken personally by me when I make the journey with a work friend.
These crimes are taken personally and can have a devastating impact emotionally and financially on victims, just like any other crime.
After all, if she retreats from the above positions taken personally by Erdogan, she will destroy his hegemonic image.
Pinellas County s Emergency Management director, Sally Bishop, said : "We want to make sure that the public gets the message that storm surge should be taken personally and is deadly, said S.
An abrupt clash of views should not be taken personally.
Fleeces are then put into bags (sheets) on farm, weighing around 80 to 100 kg each and they are then collected by haulier and delivered, or taken personally, to the depot.
In the course of mentoring me, he made it clear that his words were not to be taken personally and that in similar circumstances he would deliver the same message in the same way to his own mother.
These things happen and shouldn't be taken personally.
The decision not to bring the case to court was taken personally by Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland, according to the DENIAL Goodwillie and, top, McConnell former head of the NationalSexCrimes Unit, Derek Ogg.
The orders were taken personally by a court employee accompanied by Jagan's lawyer Ashok Reddy.