under wing

(redirected from take someone under someone's wing)

*under someone's wing(s)

Fig. receiving someone's care and nurturing. (*Typically: get someone ~; have some-one ~; take someone ~.) John wasn't doing well in geometry until the teacher took him under her wing. I had a number of the new workers under my wing for a few weeks.
See also: wing

under your wing

helped and protected by you One of the children in the class will usually take a new girl or boy under their wing for the first few weeks.
Usage notes: also used in the forms under someone's wing or under the wing of someone: Everyone who lost their home in the fire was taken under the wing of a local church.
Etymology: based on the idea of a bird that protects its babies by spreading its wings over them
See also: wing

under (one's) wing

Under one's protection; in one's care.
See also: wing