take side

take somebody's side

also take the side of somebody
to agree with or support someone side with somebody I took Bob's side when I heard his account of the events.
Related vocabulary: take sides
See also: side, take
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TOKYO, Dec 9 (KUNA) -- China on Tuesday denounced a US State Department document on the South China Sea, urging the US to abide by its commitment not to take sides on the South China Sea issue, state-run Xinhua News Agency reported.
In the meantime, tell your friends to back off and not to take sides.
Yet Britain as a nation had no desire to take sides in the religious war between Christian and Islamic extremism.
Finally, please God, let there be no Catholic publication that will take sides in the 2000 or any other political campaign, impugning one or the other candidate.
Supporters of the agency's decision said the filing would not take sides in the lawsuit.
I've been on staffs where the head coach takes sides, and I don't want to take sides.