take a risk

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take a risk

To try to do something for which there is a high probability of a negative or unfortunate outcome. I'm taking a real risk hiring this guy, so you had better be right about him. You're never going to find real success unless you're willing to take a risk now and then.
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take a ˈrisk


take ˈrisks

do something even though you know that something bad could happen as a result: That’s a risk I’m not prepared to take.You have no right to take risks with other people’s money. OPPOSITE: play (it) safe
See also: risk, take
References in classic literature ?
My feeling is that one should look upon life as an adventure, one should burn with the hard, gem-like flame, and one should take risks, one should expose oneself to danger.
If you don't take risks, you're not living life fully.
The graying of the industry as a whole signals a need for young, fresh entrants, who are more inclined to think outside of the box and take risks.
If you don't fear failure, you are more willing to take risks, and those risks could lead to bigger success.
Here are some tips for making sure you take risks without placing yourself in a risky situation:
1 : ready to take risks or to deal with new or unexpected problems <adventurous explorers>
The crowds come to watch him because he take risks just like fighters like Nigel Benn before him.
NOACC wants the new Grow Bond Corporation to take risks.
Mr Doggett said: "It seems that telling drivers to slow down or drive carefully in one place only makes them determined to speed up or take risks elsewhere.
If we want to build a movement that is transformational we will model honesty, we will model openness, and we will take risks that challenge conventional thinking.
Bereft of faith and the impetus to take risks, they would have succumbed to their fears and returned to Egypt, utterly broken.
Degree Men protects men who take risks," said Kevin George, vice president and general manager, deodorants, Unilever.
The thirty-second spot is like an action film of adventurous situations that show how Degree Men offers body responsive protection for men who take risks.
If you DON'T take risks in times like these, you will not receive the difficult, but worthwhile gains from buying in a down market.
But no new laws or regulations can restore prosperity without decisions by business leaders to take risks, invest capital, and hire new people," Donohue said.