take part

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take someone's part

Fig. to take a side in an argument; to support someone in an argument. My sister took my mother's part in the family argument. You are always taking the part of the underdog!
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take part (in something)

to participate in something. Bill refused to take part in the game. Everyone is asked to take part in the celebration.
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take part

Play a role in, share in, participate, as in Will you be taking part in the wedding? or He did not take part in the discussion. [Late 1300s] Also see take one's part.
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take ˈpart (in something)

be one of a group of people doing something together; participate in something: He’s taking part in a golf competition this weekend.She never takes part in any community activities.
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take (someone's) part

To side with in a disagreement; support.
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take part

To join in; participate: She took part in the celebration.
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Although most who take part in research hope to benefit themselves, they may also simply wish to help others, which is a reward in itself.
By making certain that all who take part are similar, random assignment helps a researcher to make better conclusions.
If you are considering whether to take part in a drug trial, the director of the study must tell you if the study will use a placebo control.
An important IRB responsibility is to review the informed consent materials that an investigator develops for those who take part in the study.
Lesley Clelland, headteacher of Moor Edge Community Primary School, said: "The children of Moor Edge were really proud to take part in this World Record Sign to Sing attempt for the second time, to show their support for all those for whom deafness is a part of their daily lives.
We've people who have come to take part in the event from across the UK, including some from Oberhausen in Germany who are taking part in the run during a weekend holiday.
He had to complete a personal challenge, which was to gain a karate belt and take part in karate competitions.
Nursery supervisor Carol Humble, who organised the event, said: "I have been overwhelmed by the generous support of the parents who had their children sponsored to take part in this event.
Many of the women and girls displayed the name of the person who had inspired them to take part.