take liberties with

take liberties with someone or something

 and make free with someone or something
to freely use or abuse someone or something. You are overly familiar with me, Mr. Jones. One might think you were taking liberties with me. I don't like it when you make free with my lawn mower. You should at least ask when you want to borrow it.
See also: liberty, take

take liberties with something

to change something to suit your needs, esp. when writing a story or book The play takes liberties with history, but it brings to life the people from so long ago.
See also: liberty, take
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com published an article titled "IsoRay Takes Liberties With Lung Cancer Study Results to Prop Up Stock Price," which reported that "To make up for the inability to deliver revenue growth -- and prop up its stock price -- IsoRay issues a lot of promotional press releases, some of which take liberties with clinical data using clever, selective editing.