take into account

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take someone or something into account

 and take into account someone or something
to remember to consider someone or something. I hope you'll take Bill and Bob into account when you plan the party. I'll try to take into account all the things that are important in a situation like this.
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take something into account

 and take something into consideration
to consider something to be an important factor in some decision. We will take your long years of service into account when we make our final decision. You can be certain that we will take it into consideration.
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take into account

Also, take account of; take into consideration. Bear in mind, consider, allow for, as in We have to take into account that ten of the musicians were absent, or It's important to take account of where the audience is coming from, or When you take into consideration the fact that they were founded only a year ago, they've done very well. Take into consideration is the oldest of these expressions, dating from the mid-1500s. Take into account and take account of date from the late 1600s. The antonyms, leave out of account or take no account of, mean "ignore, pay no attention to," as in They've left the most important item out of account. [Second half of 1800s] All of these idioms use account in the sense of "reckoning" or "calculation," and consideration in the sense of "regard for the circumstances."
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take into account

To take into consideration; allow for.
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Thus, if the sale price differs from the face of the obligation, the purchaser and the debtor will take into account either the premium or original issue discount.
If the land is later sold to a nonmember, S will be required to take into account the amount of the remaining unrecovered gain.
1502-13(c)(2)(ii), S takes its intercompany items into account to reflect the difference for the year between B's corresponding items taken into account and B's recomputed corresponding items that B would take into account if S and B were divisions of a single corporation.
The process of determining S's intercompany item can be broken down into three steps: (1) determine B's recomputed corresponding item by treating S and B as divisions; (2) subtract B's actual corresponding item from the amount determined in #1; and (3) take into account that portion of B's intercompany item that equals the difference between its actual and recomputed corresponding items.
If a defined contribution, master, prototype or regional prototype plan receives a favorable letter that does not take into account the 1992 legislative requirement (under Sec.
Nevertheless, under Letter Ruling 9237008, the Service may take into account such exposure in determining appropriate arm's-length prices for the U.
For AMT purposes, however, there would be no taxable gain, since A's AMT basis equals $25,000; consequently, A should be allowed to take into account a $25,000 negative adjustment in computing AMTI.