take control of

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take control of someone or something

to get the power and right to direct someone or something. I will take control of him and see that he does what I want. Will you take control of the Wilson project?
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Founded in 1995, Taking Control of Your Diabetes(TM) (TCOYD) is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 diabetes education organization that offers programs to inform, motivate and empower participants to take control of their diabetes.
He and his brother tried to take control of the company, but failed.
On Monday, May 1, 2006, President Evo Morales ordered the military and executives of YPFB to take control of Bolivia's energy industry including gas fields, pipelines and refineries.
The experts will speak on Structuring Your Organization to Take Control of your SOA projects, the five key tenets of achieving true command and control of your SOA environment, and taking control over the performance and business return of SOA and Web Services-based systems.
a new software company enabling consumers to take control of their Internet experience, today introduced a combination radio advertising campaign and customer affinity marketing program enabling users to earn incentives.
Sculley greatly appreciated the well-respected recommendation of ISS and reinforced that, "This proxy fight is an attempt by Zilkha to take control of Allied without offering a concrete or credible plan that would provide any value or benefit to shareholders.