take action against

take action against someone or something

to begin activity against someone or something. The city council vowed to take action against the mayor. I will take action against the company for its negligence.
See also: action, take
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He directed the SPs and DSPs to take action against juvenile drivers without any discrimination and utilize all available resources to make the campaign successful.
However, the MD PEPCO did not take action against Zulqarnain Kayani over millions rupees embezzlements in transport section.
The union has said that it may take action against the airline as a protest against the planned execution of the convicted drug smuggler Nguyen Tuong Van, ABC News Online reported.
Although she was not generally in favor of harming children,'' Ott testified, she said the group should find out where agents' families lived ``and take action against the families of agents who took action against them.
He said that strict action would be taken against traffic officials who would not take action against violations of traffic rules.
The residents have demanded of the high authorities to take action against the encroachers for removal of encroachers.
However, he directed all DSPs and traffic sector incharges to take action against violations of traffic rules and laws without any discrimination.
On the other side, Police has arrested Hindu Neul Mal on the charges of selling The residents of the city organized a rally against this obnoxious business and demanded from the concern authorities to take action against liquor sellers.
We will take action against terrorists if we get information regarding terrorism from any where," he said.
CTO Lahore Tayyab Hafeez Cheema told the IGP that the city traffic police will also take action against the beggars as well as well as slow moving vehicles for creating hurdles in traffic flow.
He said that CTP would also take action against traffic rules violator without any discrimination.
ISLAMABAD, January 02, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has decided to take action against Abid Sher Ali, the chairman standing committee on education as he committed the contempt of court by criticizing Chief Election Commissioner.