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introduce the shoemaker to the tailor

To kick someone in the buttocks. Primarily heard in UK. If you don't leave me alone, I'll introduce the shoemaker to the tailor!
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nine tailors make a man

1. A phrase spoken after the custom of ringing church bells for a deceased male. The number of times the bells rang traditionally indicated the deceased person's sex, with a male receiving nine "tellers," or tolls, of the bell. A: "Did you hear the bells ringing?" B: "I did. Nine tailors make a man."
2. The phrase was also used to mock tailors as frail and ineffectual, in comparison to the average man. You will certainly best him in a duel. He's a tailor, after all, and nine tailors make a man!
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made to measure

[of clothing] made especially to fit the measurements of a particular person. Jack has his suits made to measure because he's rather large. Having clothes made to measure is rather expensive.
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tailor someone or something to someone or something

to fit or revise someone or something to fit someone or something. The coach tailored his defensive team to the opposition. We can tailor service to your company very easily. I will tailor this suit to your specifications for no extra charge.
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tailor-made for somebody/something

particularly suited to someone or something Business schools are offering courses tailor-made for a firm's executives. The contest was tailor-made for Alexander, who was not well known and had little funding.

be tailor-made

to be completely suitable for someone or something (usually + for ) The role of Emma was tailor-made for her.


specially made for a particular purpose (often + for ) Business schools are offering courses tailor-made for a firm's executives.

made to measure

Also, tailor-made. Fashioned to fit a particular need or purpose, very suitable. For example, Jane finds her new position is made to measure for her, or This bridge club is tailor-made for Max. Originally referring to clothes made to fit a particular person very precisely, these terms have been used figuratively since the mid-1900s. Also see made to order.
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n. a machine-made cigarette. (From an expression for something, such as an article of clothing, that is custom made.) They used to call these things tailor-made, meaning professionally made, as opposed to homemade.
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ii) Develop, test and deliver new agrilending products specifically tailored to the target group and optimize existing products;
As British designer Todd Lynn said of his tailored essentials: "This isn't about looking masculine, it's about a great fit and a fearless approach to dressing.
Our mobile education courses (held in-country) are tailored to meet the specific needs of the requesting country.
That way you'll have files on hand if you want tailored pubs lists in the future.
Chapter I Background Analysis of China's Demand of Tailored Flour
The beauty of a tailored suit is that you can add your own personal touches to make it look original and unique.
The purchase of ThyssenKrupp Tailored Blanks by Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation (WISCO)/China has been completed.
The group conducted two simultaneous Foreign Purchaser Executive Courses followed by separate tailored logistics and finance courses for the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF).
Harry, we learn, likes to improve upon people, whether by concealing weak shoulders and potbellies with artfully tailored suits, or by cutting and shaping his clients imaginatively ``until they became understandable members of his internal universe.
They'll walk away feeling like an insider on how to shop for a sharp tailored look without setting foot into a store.
NEW YORK, July 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Nick Graham and Lanier Clothes announced today the launch of the Nick Graham tailored clothing collection for men.
DISAM has long provided tailored instruction to domestic and international customers in a variety of security assistance subjects.
The LiveVox Voice Portal is the only tailored on-demand contact center solution that fully integrates self service/inbound contact, outbound contact voice applications and ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), with a superior level of account reporting and analysis.
OWNONLY bridges that gap with its affordable line of completely customizable suits and their online tailored measurement process.
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