tab for

tab someone for something

to choose someone for something. The director tabbed Sam for a walk-on part. I wanted her to tab me for a part.
See also: tab
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This means that the data is suitably bucketed into logical groups, providing a first or second level tab for each bucket.
For Digital Video Managing Director Claudio Mattei Journey's expertise in the academic market was key to the decision to offer TAB for the first time to an academic market.
The FYE Tab for Windows Messenger and MSN Messenger will provide FYE with superior personalization and customer relationship management capabilities.
With the FYE Tab for Windows Messenger and MSN Messenger we will be able to significantly increase our audience of potential customers and to make the transition to a sale easier than ever before.
We are delighted to be working with TAB on this project and we applaud TAB for leading the industry in creating enhanced services to their subscribers," concluded Gross.