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*out of sync

uncoordinated; unsynchronized. (An abbreviation for synchronization. *Typically: be ~; get ~.) Our efforts are out of sync. My watch and your watch are out of sync.
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in phase

Also, in sync. In a correlated or synchronized way; in accord, in harmony. For example, If everyone were in phase we could step up the schedule, or John and Pat often say the same thing at the same time; their minds are perfectly in sync . Both versions of this idiom refer to physical phenomena. The first, dating from the second half of the 1800s, alludes to being at the same stage in a series of movements. The second, a slangy abbreviation of synchronization dating from the mid-1900s, alludes to exact coincidence in the time or rate of movement. Also see in step; phase in; for the antonym, see out of phase.
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out of phase

Also, out of sync. In an unsynchronized or uncorrelated way. For example, Inventory control and shipping are out of phase, so we can't rely on their figures, or The lights are out of sync and keep flashing at random. For dates, see the antonym in phase.
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sync up

or synch up
To coordinate something with something else so that they operate at the same rate and in correspondence with each other: The film editor synced up the sound and video. I synced the file on my home computer up with the more recent file on my laptop. The sound on my TV doesn't sync up with the video.
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out of sync

mod. uncoordinated; unsynchronized. My watch and your watch are out of sync.
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in phase

In a correlated or synchronized way.
See also: phase

out of phase

In an unsynchronized or uncorrelated way.
See also: of, out, phase
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With the acquisition of Datalane, we significantly enhance the value we deliver to our customers and our carrier partners by quickly extending our offering to include over-the-air syncing from any device or Web application, cable-based syncing straight from a PC and support for hundreds of phone configurations.
By incorporating Datalane's Cellular Exchange phone sync technology with the existing fusionOne Internet Sync architecture, users of a wide variety of mobile handsets can now extend their syncing ability beyond their desktop PIMs to include seamless syncing to and from their PC, handheld organizer and favorite Web application -- all through the power of fusionOne's Internet Sync.
With the number of mobile phones in the market today, there is an enormous need to have a ubiquitous solution for syncing all of your personal information," said Rick Onyon, president and CEO of fusionOne.