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synchronize something with (something else)

to set or adjust something to coordinate its timing with something else. Would you please synchronize your watch with mine? We could never synchronize our schedules so that we could get together.
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This led them to conjecture that the oscillators in their model -- even when limited to interacting with close neighbors -- would always synchronize, and that the system would never show waves.
Alarms & Reminders -New, flexible options let customers synchronize alarms between Outlook and the handheld, keep alarms in Outlook only, or keep alarms on the handheld only.
Whether you have a Palm Pilot, Treo, RIM BlackBerry, PocketPC or Windows Mobile device, you can now synchronize these systems directly to the CRM.
So much easier, now that you can update your shopping list (or tasks or notes), immediately synchronize it with your Pocket PC, and just as quickly share it with the friends and family you choose.
When the neurons coding the distracting stimuli synchronize their activity, monkeys become sluggish at the same task.
announced the release of "InfoShare List Manager," the first wireless group software application that allows individuals and groups of two or more to create, share and synchronize common lists.
to synchronize e-mail, calendars and contact records.
i2 CSE can allow companies in a variety of industries to better leverage the power of the i2 Agile Business Process Platform to synchronize their procurement, materials management and supplier interactions and processes with changing demand across organizations and systems.
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