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sympathize with someone (about someone or something)

to share someone else's sorrow or anger about someone or something; to comfort someone who is sad or angry (about someone or something). I sympathize with you about what you are going through. I really sympathize with you.
References in classic literature ?
He sympathizes with Captain Harris - against me; no father would do that.
But I found it hard to sympathize with the course which she had pursued, in permitting Mr.
I wish you had," sighed Anne, "because then you'd be able to sympathize with me.
We tried to sympathize with her but she would not be sympathized with.
I desire the company of a man who could sympathize with me, whose eyes would reply to mine.
Summary: Arab Spring initially made 82 percent of the population in the United States sympathize with Arab citizens.
Synopsis: Americans sympathize almost equally with religious leaders (48%) and the Obama administration (45%) in the debate over whether religious-based employers should have to provide contraception coverage for their employees.
He's not what you would call a good guy but I understand him, I sympathize with him.
The Iraqi people have tasted that bitterness, which makes them sympathize with Iran and stand side-by-side in this crisis.
I sympathize with the Castaic community," said Brenda Edmunds, a resident of Stevenson Ranch.
Kyle's voice is authentic, funny and aching, and his plight is easy to sympathize with: the issue of deciding how to meet both your needs and those of others will resonate with many teens.
Ahmadi-Nejad repeated his allegations about the Holocaust and said, "Even if we assume that six million Jews were killed in World War II, how come you don't sympathize for the other 54 million who were killed too?
A Year Of Absence is very highly recommended to all non-specialist readers, particular those women who suffer from a similar disposition or can sympathize with the loss of a loved one.
Many readers from across the ideological spectrum will sympathize with Molnar's concern that "commercialism has transformed American childhood and the institutions that serve children.