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status symbol

Something, especially that which is very expensive and flashy, that someone owns and displays as a means of showing of their wealth or success. In this part of the city, expensive sneakers and designer sweatshirts are the real status symbols. Nothing says "status symbol" like a single person buying a 25,000 square foot mansion all for themselves.
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status symbol

A position or activity that allows one's social prestige to be displayed, as in She doesn't even drive; that car of hers is purely a status symbol. [Mid-1900s]
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a ˈstatus symbol

an expensive possession which shows people that you are rich: These cars are regarded as status symbols in Britain.
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Select Flowchart to display its 28 symbols (see exhibit 4, page 79).
Once you have drawn two or more symbols, you're ready to connect them with lines and arrows.
Coca-Cola Enterprises is deploying the new Symbol handheld computer throughout its mobile workforce for strategic logistics, delivery and service applications to maximize efficiencies and customer service.
Coca-Cola Enterprises considers Symbol a strategic technology partner with a superior enterprise mobility vision and product roadmap.
Invetech and Avnet Applied Computing Select Symbol MS 2204 For
Symbol developed and makes laser bar code fixed mount scanners, which provide "drop-in" scanning functionality to a variety of OEM devices such as kiosks and clinical diagnostic equipment as well as for industrial applications such as manufacturing and warehousing.
First Customer for the Symbol PDT 8146 Imaging Computer:
The Symbol PDT 8146 Imaging Computer is an ideal data capture, data management and communications device for the steadily growing enterprise mobility workforce, particularly in transportation and logistics, parcel and post, public safety, field sales and service and in-store retail.
Symbol Technologies (NYSE:SBL) announced today that an innovative, environmentally friendly solution for efficiently collecting trash in Incheon City, Korea's third-largest city, is based on its mobile computing and two-dimensional scanning technologies.
A Symbol SPT 1700, with an integrated imaging scan engine (to instantly decode PDF417), is being used to capture the information in the label for inventory management, and to simultaneously track replicated trash bags.
Extending the capability of the TBE's, the SE 3223 scans at speeds up to 640 scans per second and supports three modes of operation: single scan line mode, smart raster mode for PDF 417, and an impressive "Cyclone" pattern for omni-directional scanning on 1D symbols.
Symbol also will demonstrate its latest wireless, mobile computing and data capture solutions at Booth #211, including its wireless pen computer based on 3Com's Palm III, NetVision wireless phone using voice over IP technology, 11Mb wireless LAN system and bar code scanners.
Bitstream's world-class font designers created these new euro currency symbols to match the design characteristics of the particular typeface family for many of the fonts in Bitstream's font library.
0 version's diagramming capabilities and allows users to drag and drop symbols into drawings and to create new symbols.
The Symbol Scan Engine Family of standard through long-range devices includes the new generation SE12xx, measuring about a cubic inch and providing aggressive scanning performance on even low contrast and poorly printed bar code symbols with superior immunity to ambient light.