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NAFCU President/CEO Dan Berger swung for the fences, asking the DoD in his comment letter to exempt federally insured depository institutions from the entire MLA rule.
A Reserve Airman who set her goals high and swung for the fences four years ago, landing a spot on the Air Force women's Softball team, is still competing at the highest levels.
They've swung for the fences, and kept swinging away, and even after the school board's action tonight, they'll probably take a few more cuts.
We've never swung for the fences but we're here, and we've never had a layoff.
Between the multiethnic casting, some period updating and especially the new musical arrangements, Alexander and his crew certainly have swung for the fences.
In pursuing Vanderbilt baseball coach Tim Corbin, the University of Oregon has swung for the fences to land one of the top coaches in the nation.
Goldin swung for the fences in the 1980s, accurately predicting the effect that breaking up the Topps' sports card monopoly would have on the sports memorabilia industry.
The company swung for the fences, bringing back Royce Gracie, arguably the most dominant UFC fighter in history, for a return to the Octagon after an 11-year hiatus.
Friday, with baseball's third-best record and a 2 1/2-game lead in the National League West entering a weekend series at San Diego, the Dodgers front office swung for the fences.
But while he swung for the fences, he couldn't even get a hit.