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swear like a sailor

To use profanities or vulgar language very freely and fluently. (An allusion to the rough language presumed to be used by military personnel.) My little sister has been swearing like a sailor ever since she started learning bad words. My granny is the sweetest old lady you'll ever meet, but she swears like a sailor when she gets on the topic of something or someone she doesn't like.
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swear on (one's) mother's grave

To make a very serious, solemn pledge, especially that one is telling the truth. Janet has sworn on her mother's grave that she wasn't the one to betray me, and I believe her. I swear on my mother's grave that if I have a chance to help your campaign, I will.
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swear a blue streak

To use profane language with great rapidity and intensity. My dad swore a blue streak after he found out I'd put a dent in his car.
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On Saturday, the Islamist-dominated parliament in Tripoli swore in Prime Minister Omar al-Hassi and 10 of his ministers, including the foreign, justice and oil ministers.
The group was asked about how much they swore in daily life and this was analysed together with their level of pain tolerance.
Those who seldom swore were able to stand the icy water for 45 seconds longer when they were swearing than when they were not swearing.
I would get offended if they swore excessively, especially if there are children around, and I would tell them to quiet down because it shows that they have a limited vocabulary.
Volunteers were able to keep their hands in the freezing water for significantly longer when they swore.
In the last two verses of Psalm 15, the prophet requires, among other things, this kind of integrity from a citizen of the kingdom of God, so that he neither changes what he swore to his neighbor nor gives his money to him for usury.
The issue is not really that a contestant swore on his mother's life.
Politely, I told them to think of their mothers or grandmothers the next time they swore in public.
Alexei, who never cursed in his excellent ECHO column, swore like a trouper on a 12 inch "Mr Sweary" version of his ancient hit single 'Ullo John, Got A New Motor?
The rookie soldiers, all from County Durham, swore their allegiance to Queen and country watched by numerous dignitaries.
But they did roll up and rolled up their sleeves and it was found that those who swore could keep their hands submerged for 40 seconds longer and felt the pain less than those who were allowed to say no more than: Ooh, hecky thump.
The researchers found that volunteers were able to keep their hands in the freezing water for significantly longer when they swore.
There were comedians in the past who had careers, very successful careers, that lasted 50 years and they never swore once.