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Known as a villain in American sword-and-sandal film epics, he later returned to Australia to become a theatrical actor and an even more theatrical public personality.
This one, I think, is hopefully going to deliver something that we don't normally see from the sword-and-sandal picture, whether it be Troy or Clash Of The Titans.
Sword-and-sandal silliness which is daftly entertaining and doesn't take itself seriously.
But it was in the 1950s and 1960s when the sword-and-sandal epic as we know it first emerged as a force to be reckoned with.
SO this is how real sword-and-sandal fighters like Russell Crowe's Gladiator hero Maximus were buried - in mass graves with severed limbs bearing all the signs of their violent deaths.
Morgan remains in Canada to film yet another of the new wave of sword-and-sandal epics dominating out cinema and TV screens.
In 1946, he entered the busy Italian film industry and worked on many English-language sword-and-sandal movies being filmed at Rome's Cinecitta studios, including ``Ben-Hur.
The sword-and-sandal historical epic was dead before the Oscar-winning ``Gladiator'' brought it roaring back to life.
Charlton Heston - who won an Oscar as the Judean prince who escapes slavery to embark on a heroic adventure - lends his vocal talents to a fantastic animated version of the epic sword-and-sandal movie.
HOLLYWOOD legend Victor Mature, star of the sword-and-sandal epic Samson and Delilah, has died aged 86.
Luhrmann's project, which, like Stone's, was green-lighted after ``Gladiator'' revived interest in the sword-and-sandal epic, will likely never be made.
Directed by Ridley Scott (``Alien,'' ``Blade Runner,'' ``Thelma & Louise''), the film rises above the usual sword-and-sandal fare, with spectacular action sequences, digital effects and a superb cast.
The new film has neither the piety nor the Technicolor sheen of Hollywood's sword-and-sandal behemoths that last lumbered across screens in the 1960s.