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The Storm Dragon's Heart is a classic sword and sorcery adventure.
The sprawling sword and sorcery epic sends the player across two nations to stop the machinations of a demonic wizard who craves godhood.
Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in the years before he entered politics, the sword and sorcery movie tells how strong man Conan leads a motley group of adventurers on a quest for a princess.
Sword and sorcery at its finest, this excellent story will take readers on an amazing journey through intense conflict and an awe-inspiring new world.
There they explore and analyze the origins of the sword and sorcery genre, the influence of H.
Helen is a fan of sword and sorcery epic Game of Thrones
I seek the throne of Camelot - and for that I need an army," she remarks, setting the scene for this helping of sword and sorcery.
Part Sinbad, part Mulan, this sword and sorcery epic swept us off our feet with its plucky female protagonist and its gorgeous illustrations that demand to be lovingly lingered over as each of the tales unfold.
It all sounds like the soundtrack to some truly frightening sword and sorcery movie.
Saladin Ahmed breathes vitality and life into the sword and sorcery sub genre with Throne of the Crescent Moon, his debut novel and the first of the Crescent Moon Kingdoms saga.
But he was well enough to play a soldier in battle scenes in the Hollywood sword and sorcery movie released last month starring Liam Neeson.
Acting student Daniel Porter, 19, will join fellow Scot Richard Madden in the second series of the sword and sorcery epic.
Daly has woven fact and fiction to create an exciting new scenario that will appeal to history buffs and those readers who are into sword and sorcery.
Ron Perlman, Stephen Graham, Robert Sheehan and veteran Christopher Lee star in this highly enjoyable slice of sword and sorcery.
40pm) This sword and sorcery adventure returns and Merlin (Colin Morgan) is still toiling unappreciated as a servant to Prince Arthur (Bradley James).