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swirl about someone or something

[for something, such as dust or a fluid] to circle and wind about someone or something. The snow swirled about me as I walked along. The smoke swirled about the tiny campfire.
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swirl around

[for dust or a fluid] to circle around. The liquid swirled around in the flask as Toby shook it up. Dust swirled around the room in the sunlight.
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swirl around

1. To move with a twisting or whirling motion; eddy: It's hard to fly a kite when the wind swirls around like this.
2. To move around something with a twisting or whirling motion, as in an eddy: As I stood in the river, the water swirled around my legs. The snow swirled around us.
3. To apply something in swirls over some area: The baker swirled the icing around the cake. I swirled syrup around the pancakes.
4. To circulate among some group of people in response to a particular subject: Rumors swirled around Hollywood.
5. To circulate or occur in response to something or someone that is controversial, provocative, or secretive: Rumors swirled around the governor. Controversy swirled around the new budget.
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The swirling wind then moved to the nearby Barangay Taytay and also tore down eight more structures and damaged 43 others before it finally dissipated.
In this study, the axial and tangential velocities W and U, respectively, were measured at the outlet of a diffuser with a swirling jet hot wire anemometer triple probes.
The prediction of the swirling flow characteristics in the combustor can be done using numerical simulation in order to optimize the design.
Analyzing swirling flow in diffuser reveals that swirling flow helps in relocation of turbulent profile into laminar profile of axial velocity component with reduced hydraulic loss.
To measure the flow of air created by swirling seeds, the scientists built plastic models of the seeds with radii of about five inches, or 5 to 10 times larger than a maple seed.
Tornado Touchdown: Scientists think downdrafts of cooled air yank the swirling mesocyclone toward the ground, At the same time, updrafts stretch the whirlwind vertically, speeding it up and tightening it into a narrow and violent tornado.
I whispered, "We'll have to go to him, so let's keep out of sight, go farther down the ridge to get out of this swirling wind, cross the creek, and climb the steep cut on the other side.
Friction between the resin and the mold surface can build up static electricity that leaves swirling or streaking in the color of the final product.
By the artist's standards, a Greek amphora is as neat as a wheelbarrow is as cool as a quivering mass of dots is as super-duper as faux-historical furniture and bamboo, plaid, and swirling patterns.
Swirling is achieved when the servo motor spins the system's nozzle.
It was an extraordinary and magnificent gift: awash alike with brilliant sunset colour, the swirling misty sea of sharks, squids and despairing people; it was simultaneously a celebration of the wonders of nature and a dramatic artistic attack on slavery, which had nobly been abolished in the British Empire by the arguments of people like Brougham and Wilberforce 33 years before the painting was made in 1840.
Swirling flow was established with the use of an isolating flow conditioner, using a minimum of 20 diameters (20D) of straight pipe and a 90-degree elbow and tee out of plane prior to the test section.
Mills maintains a classical base of classroom steps, without Petipa's formalism and polite poses, while incorporating MacMillan's sense of open, swirling motion.
Fox Fudge Freak-Out is an explosion of chocolate with its chocolate ice cream swirling with thick fudge and large hunks of white fudge covered chocolate cookies.
Therefore, the straight impinging jet array and the swirling impinging jet are presented to solve this problem Yang [2] presented the heat transfer results of jet impingement cooling on a semi-circular concave surface and clearly explained the significant effects of the nozzle geometry and the curvature of the plate Both the jet array and the swirling jet can strengthen the heat transfer as well as uniform the temperature distribution on the impinging surface.