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take a swipe at someone or something

1. Sl. to hit at someone or something. Max took a swipe at the cop by mistake. Lefty took a swipe at the punching bagand missed.
2. Sl. to have a try at someone or something. I think I can persuade him. I'll take a swipe at him and see. I will probably fail, but I'll take a swipe at it.
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swipe at

1. To attempt to hit someone or something with a sweeping stroke: The cat swiped at the string. The hockey player swiped at the puck.
2. To attack someone verbally; criticize someone sharply: The candidate took every opportunity to swipe at her opponent.
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1. tv. to drink liquor rapidly and to excess; to bolt a drink of liquor. Fred sat at the bar and swiped two gins and ate an egg.
2. n. moonshine; inferior liquor. I can’t stand the swipe they serve here.
3. tv. to steal something. Bart swiped a pack of cigarettes from the counter.
4. n. a blow or an act of striking someone or something. (see also take a swipe at someone/something.) The cat gave the mouse a swipe with its paw.

take a swipe at someone/something

1. tv. to hit at someone or something. Max took a swipe at the cop by mistake.
2. tv. to have a try at someone or something. I will probably fail, but I’ll take a swipe at it.
See also: swipe, take
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Each 10 cm diameter plate was wiped for one second and in a manner that the entire surface was swiped, using a flat baton.
The eConnect eCashPad simply attaches to the consumer's computer keyboard and will then enable Kanakaris customers to download entertainment programs with a card swiped "bank eyes only" cash ATM card and PIN payment or a credit card payment whereby Kanakaris Communications never sees the credit card data nor is the credit card stored at the KKRS.
Features that empower nonprofit professionals: Automatic matching of donor information to records in DonorPerfect; For new donors, instant record creation in DonorPerfect from the app; Real-time authorization of payments; Automatic recording of successful payments as gifts in each donor's DonorPerfect record; Acknowledgements can be sent by email instantly after each payment; Process both hand keyed and swiped credit card transactions (encrypted swipe reader available at a nominal cost); Optional signature capture; and, Optional card reader for "swiping" credit cards.
Top 25 List: Campuses with Most Swiped Right Females
Though, commuters insist they have paid the applicable fare, their only aACAycrime' is that they swiped the Nol cards a few metres before the approaching bus stop.
But, due to traffic the bus reached the stop more than five minutes after we swiped the cards.
They charge more if the card needs to be manually typed in, instead of swiped.
Unlimited MetroCards lock up for 18 minutes after they are swiped, meaning that a participant who has completed her commute can lend a swipe to someone entering a different station.
Summary: The Sharjah Police on Thursday arrested a man nicknamed 'Mister Cash' who offered shopkeepers a percentage as commission if they swiped forged credit cards and gave him cash.