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swing for the fences

1. baseball Literally, to put all one's power into one's swing while batting so as to try to hit a home run. All they need is two more runs to win the game, so you can bet their star batter will come out swinging for the fences.
2. By extension, to put forward one's maximum amount of effort or energy (into or toward something); to act or perform with great intensity or effort. I wasn't sure about their state-appointed lawyer at first, but I was well impressed when he came out swinging for the fences on day one of the trial.
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come out swinging

also come out fighting
to strongly defend yourself or something you believe in Both candidates came out swinging in the televised debate Sunday night.
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come out fighting

  (British, American & Australian) also come out swinging (mainly American)
if someone comes out fighting, they defend themselves or something they believe in, in a very determined way They were criticized from all sides but they came out fighting. The candidates came out swinging in the first few minutes of the debate.
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mod. great. The concert was swinging—nothing like it, ever.
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A long-hanging swing in a brooder will fill up with baby chicks all swinging in a row and is just the cutest thing to see
Your brain remembers what you used to do last fall when you were really ripping it, but it was warm and you had been swinging all spring and summer, says Pelz, who also teaches execs.
Thirty-five of the sites in Swinging Bridge at The Chapin Estate are directly on the waterfront.
Join the swinging fun with swing dance lessons, demonstrations by competition dancers and plenty of swinging music all weekend long.
The emphasis must be a sprinting action off the hurdle, which is initiated and controlled by the speed of the arm action, particularly the trail-leg arm swinging backward.
It is to his credit that Gaines, who has been exposed to the high-octane dance skills of the rest of the cast since rehearsals started, has managed to rein in his own burgeoning dance proficiency to remain a convincing stumblebum in a room full of swinging experts.
The Saturday concerts take place from 8:30pm - 11:30pm at Chateau Elan's Pavilion with such popular acts as The Jesters, The Drifters, Pieces of Eight, The Embers and Swinging Medallions.
Stegnian was out of breath from spinning, kicking and stepping her way across a makeshift dance floor in front of the Carousel, swinging to the sounds of Big Band horns and jazzy pianos.
At one point, Swing/ literally takes off, with two of the dancers, Beverly Durand and Bentley, flying across in harnesses, thrust into swinging aerobics by partners Aldrin Gonzalez and Fowler.
Erotic art photographer Leigh Tyler, honorary mayor of the central Texas swing community, lets the filmmakers follow as she explores sexual gratification with friends and lovers at local swinging hotspots.
Understand the sequence of motion: Sequence of setting up, swinging and driving with the correct weight transfer is a major factor.
The band continued its relentless tour schedule, gradually building what was to become a fiercely loyal fan base for its swinging Cab Calloway/Louis Jordan sound.
Early rock, such as "Heartbreak Hotel," has a lot of rhythmic drama compared with neorock ("Pink Cadillac"), yet even that Presley classic lacks the polyphonic interplay of melody and rhythm that made a swinging song like "Just a Gigolo" so inspiring for dancers.
Because any repetitive swinging at low pitches may cause the hitter to develop a long swing.