swing to

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swing to something

to change to a different position or attitude. The mood of the country is swinging to conservatism. Soon the attitudes of the people will swing to the opposite side.
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Picture kids using the backyard swing, we have hands that grip on to the chains, and although cute in a cartoon, chickens do not grab on with their wings, so you will need to add stabilizers to the perch of your swing to help them balance.
You can use the product in doors or out to put your improved swing to the real test and see the results immediately.
The audio and visual biofeedback features enable the golfer to "feel" when they are achieving their desired swing, and to train their swing to achieve consistency.
Here's a cheer for one of golf's good guys - someone who serves as a reminder that it doesn't take a picture-perfect swing to win, even at the highest level.
Watching a girl (Wild), her aristocrat suitor and his footman (Andrew Asnes and Keith Kuhl) get gymnastically frisky on a swing to Rodgers and Hart's ``My Heart Stood Still,'' we may be wondering what strange fantasy we've stepped into.
Most people don't even have the swing to get out of a bunker.
In addition to the bands and songs which have re-introduced swing to American radio and culture, "The Perfect Swing" also contains tracks from legendary swing artists Ella Fitzgerald and Chick Webb "Sing Me A Swing Song (and Let Me Dance"); Louis Jordan "Nobody Here But Us Chickens"; and Freddy "Boom Boom" Cannon "Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy.