swing the balance

swing/tip the balance

to make something more likely to happen, or to make someone more likely to succeed They were both well-qualified for the job but Ian had more experience and that tipped the balance. The success of this film could tip the balance in favour of other British films in the future.
See throw off balance
See also: balance, swing
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These are the small things that can swing the balance of the game.
Another reads: "This pledge is nothing more than an outright assault on the right to strike, and is intended to swing the balance of industrial power even further towards the employers in this country.
Are there local issues which will swing the balance in who you choose to put your X against in the ballot box?
His stable could not be in better form and he is just preferred over the filly Tiggy Wiggy as, while she has even stronger form to her name, the Richard Hannon filly has to give Varian''s runner 5lb and that might just swing the balance.
The ICC looks set to decisively swing the balance of power in international cricket towards just three nations -- India, England and Australia -- at its quarterly meeting in Dubai on January 28 and 29.
Prince Turki al-Faisal made the remarks in an interview with American daily newspaper Washington Post, urging supplying arms to the militants to swing the balance of power on the ground in Syria, which is now in favor of President Bashar al-Assad.
Protegee Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi), catches his eye and they forge an intense bond that might swing the balance of power back in favour of mankind.
However, ballsy protegee Mako Mori (Rinko Kikuchi), who is battling private demons, catches his eye and they forge an intense bond that might swing the balance of power back in favour of mankind.
But in a close election, the two candidates' stands on health care issues could help swing the balance among some voters," he added.
The Mary Queen of Shops TV star will call for new planning rules to swing the balance back in favour of putting shops in town centres.
The Match of the Day pundit believes the team Paisley, and later Joe Fagan, created at Anfield would have provided stern opposition for the current Barcelona side, but admits the presence of Xavi, Andres Iniesta and the indomitable Lionel Messi could swing the balance in the Spaniards' favour.
Without the slate system, Copts will not perform strongly in any general elections," he said, implying that the Muslims, who constitute the majority of voters, are able to swing the balance of votes in favour of Muslim candidates.
Duchess Dora deserves this step up to Listed level and her previous course experience might just swing the balance in her favour.
THE ruling on Coun Matchet could dramatically swing the balance in favour of opposition parties at the council, where no party is in overall control.
The support of Letford, who earns pounds 23,758 as Lord Provost, gives them the vote they need to swing the balance and oust Labour.