swing into

swing into (something)

To begin or enter into some state or action with great speed, enthusiasm, or intensity. The city has begun swinging into full-scale preparations for the 200th anniversary parade. We should be ready to swing into production next month.
See also: swing

swing into something

to enter something by swinging. The monkey swung into its cage, and I quickly locked the cage door. I grabbed a rope and swung into the cave, where my pursuer couldn't see me.
See also: swing
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Aiming to complete your swing into a full finish position, you will strikingly increase your swing speed.
While the orchestra did a fair job of putting swing into the music of Miller, Ellington and Count Basie, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - the wild nine- piece pinstripe-outfitted group who along with the film ``Swingers'' helped revive big-band music in the '90s - played into the night with such driving numbers as ``Jumpin' Jack,'' ``You and Me and the Bottle Makes Three Tonight'' and ``I Wanna Be Like You.
The timeless style of music with the ``can't help clap and tap'' beat is bound to move swing into the new age.