swing from

swing from something

to hang or dangle from something. The child was swinging from an exercise baron her swing set. Ted was swinging from the edge of the cliff, waiting to be rescued.
See also: swing
References in classic literature ?
It may be years and again it may be but months, but as sure as there be a devil in hell Norman of Torn will swing from a king's gibbet.
As an article on the Swing Plane Perfector website noted, the golf Pro hoped to find some type of simple drill or teaching tool that would help to move the golf club on the back swing from an address position to the left arm parallel to the ground position - whilst also keeping the golf club head travelling on plane.
A great drill to help you is to address the ball with the club head slightly off the ground, move it forward about two feet into the follow-through and start your swing from there.
The Padres will place a camera on first and third base to capture the batter's swing from different angles and use high-quality DVCAM VTRs to analyze every movement the batter makes.
The combination of the DSR-80 VTRs and the DSR-70 laptop editors produce a crisp image time and again during slow-motion playback, allowing the players to analyze every nuance of a swing from head to toe.
a stability test that prevents the swing from tipping over;