swing at

swing at someone or something

to strike at someone or something. Max swung at the copa serious mistake. The batter swung at the ball and missed.
See also: swing

swing at somebody/something

also take a swing at somebody/something
to try to hit someone or something They were arguing, and then I saw him swing at Howie. He took a swing at the window so he could get into the house, and then he remembered the key hidden under the doormat.
See also: swing

swing at

To attempt to hit someone or something with a sweeping stroke: If a batter swings at the ball and misses, it counts as a strike. One of the kids got angry and swung at me with his fist.
See also: swing
References in classic literature ?
He chafed and fretted that he could not travel with the swiftness of thought and that the long tedious miles stretching far ahead of him must require hours and hours of tireless effort upon his part before he would swing at last from the final bough of the fringing forest into the open plain and in sight of his goal.
Check out Fowl Play Products for more information, photos and to purchase a Chicken Swing at www.
2) Rich Greenwood, left, works with Angel Fierro on his swing at Tour Golf in Agoura.
Three of the most important aspects of the hitting process involve a controlled stride, a slight pause to separate the stride from the swing, and then a hard swing at the pitch.
Says Taylor-Corbett, "The show celebrates the cultural fusion that's going on in swing at the moment, and includes story-driven episodes like the `I'll Be Seeing You' number, where Scott Fowler and Carol Bentley do a Gene Kelly kind of ballet.
One day after manager Jim Tracy said Bradley won't swing a bat for a week, Bradley swung one lightly and plans to swing at balls within the next couple of days.
If the ump calls strikes at the knees, you don't swing at shoulder-high pitches.
If the batter doesn't swing at bad pitches, the pitcher is going to have two choices: walk her or throw strikes.
If the batter doesn't swing at the first or second outside pitch, the pitcher is going to have to bring the ball in to get a strike.
Greg analyzes the golfer's swing at eight different positions, highlighting where his or her game is strong and where it needs work.
1 -- 2) Retroglide Dance Society owner Chandler Smith, at left, above, swings with California Institute of the Arts student Kristin Olson during Sunday's Shop 'n Swing at the Town Center Mall.
You have to swing at least as far forward as the backswing goes back and up.