swim for

swim for someone or something

to travel toward someone or something by swimming. I swam for George, who was farther out, holding onto a float. I am going to swim for the island.
See also: swim
References in classic literature ?
I know what I will do--I am sure it will be best--no matter what happens I will stick to the raft as long as her timbers hold together, but when the sea breaks her up I will swim for it; I do not see how I can do any better than this.
Many swim to spend the hot afternoons with friends to stay cool, while some swim for fitness.
As a family, we learned to swim for entertainment and survival.
Similarly, while van Wisse loves the challenge of attempting to break the record, inspiring and motivating girls to tap their inner strength as well as their physical prowess is one of the most important aspects of the swim for her.
Hart, meanwhile, has watched as sophomore Andrew Evans - who does not swim for a year-round club team yet - has begun recording sub-23-second times in the 50 free.
A lot of my friends swim for other teams, so it's the same as my dad coaching at another school.
To get an opportunity to swim for somebody like that was too good of an opportunity to pass up.