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1. slang To move with twisting, writhing, or otherwise irregular motions; to wriggle or wiggle. The baby just swiggled and squirmed as I tried to change her diaper. This piece keeps swiggling in the wind. Any way we can tighten it up?
2. slang To drink alcohol excessively. The old coot just sits at the bar swiggling beer and whiskey, shouting abuse at anyone who walks by. You swiggled all my wine, you lush!


1. n. a deep drink of liquor; a swallow of liquor. She took a swig of rum and leaped into the lagoon.
2. tv. to drink liquor deeply. He nearly swigged the whole bottle before he needed to take a breath.


and swiggled (swɪgd and ˈswɪglæd)
mod. alcohol intoxicated; tipsy. Man, is she ever swigged!
See also: swig
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Overall, Tanner is proud that Swig has become a destination for residents and visitors alike.
The last time Swig stayed the night a run through the optics resulted in me landing in a heap on the floor as I tried to climb into bed.
BANKS'S STADIUM: Wal-sall fans should take a swig of their drink every time.
The couple met when he returned to California from Washington and Swig came to his Stanford University office to discuss a dinner in his honor.
Jeanne Myerson, president and CEO of The Swig Company said, "The current tenant's departure creates an enormous opportunity to design and implement a completely new office space environment throughout the entire building, one that will appeal to today's faster growing businesses.
He will be reporting to Anthony Zagrafos who serves as Vice President of Property Management for Swig Equities, LLC, and Joe Caraciolo who serves as Vice President and Director of Engineering Services for Swig Equities.
Prior to joining Helmsley Spear and Swig Equities, Mr.
We continue to experience strong attention in our FiDi portfolio from a massive cross section of businesses, including technology leasing and educational institutions," said Swig.
Swig purchased the skyscraper, which was originally designed for the New York Maritime Exchange, in 2004, and according to his Swig Equities Web site, he was turning it into a "luxury boutique office building.
Swig, president of Swig Equities, LLC, announced that the firm has completed 11 leasing transactions in its Financial District office portfolio in 2012, totaling over 144,000 s/f.